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At Tilly's Natural Dog Treats, we are proud ambassadors of the Lickimat brand. I have used Lickimat products myself for a while now and have seen the difference in Tilly. We have a range of recipes on our TikTok & Instagram, with more constantly being added all the time. 

Why not give us a follow? And join us so we can inspire you to make fun and exciting recipes for your furry-faced friend. All our recipes are easy to make and are seasonal, so you don't have to spend a lot buying expensive out-of-season ingredients. We will show you ideas for Happy bark day, Christmas, Easter, Summer, and more. 



Reduced anxiety and boredom: LickiMat calms your pet as they enjoy its favourite treat. LickiMat is designed to reduce stress and helps to encourage soothing behaviours in your dog by facilitating a gentle licking action to help stimulate your dog's tongue. 

The prolonged licking motion promoted by LickiMat products releases a calming hormone in dogs.

Why not use it as a training Aid?: LickiMat has seen a growing trend in their products being used by animal behaviourists in their training; they also refer them to clients for various reasons based on their dogs' behaviour. LickiMats can be used for training dogs and are an excellent way to reduce crate training time. Ask your dog trainer about LickiMats and see if they can help you with your dog's behaviour. 

Did you know Lickimat helps Improve your dog's oral health? 

 LickiMat works by increasing saliva production in your dog's mouth. This, in turn, helps cleans their tongue, teeth and gums—scrapings of the tongue help to freshen your dog's breath. Increased saliva production will also help to aid digestion as it contains positive enzymes such as Amylase.

Perfect for both DOGS & CATS: LickiMat treats are made perfectly for dogs. Different pets need different products surfaces of the Buddy™, Playdate™, and Soother™ work with various treats and food. Try them all to discover which products work best for your dogs and cats! The Tuff™ model is designed to be dishwasher-safe; it's recommended for pets with inappropriate chewing tendencies.

Healthy treats: LickiMat allows you to have fun and experiment and discover your pet's favourite treats and tastes. Peanut butter, almond butter, yoghurt, mashed sardines, pumpkin purée, crushed fish cubes, Why not have fun? Enjoy the learning experience of your dog's favourite treat. All Dogs are Unique and will never be the same as another; they appreciate you taking an interest in them and learning their preferred preferences for the foods they love and enjoy.

Smaller treats, Longer enjoyment: LickiMat allows a small volume of treats to be spaced out and enjoyed over a much more extended period by your pet. This can also help to reduce calorie intake from treats and food. You can also freeze the Lickimats for a longer and more enjoyable challenge while licking. So your lickimat is ready to get out of the freezer any time, day or night. Simply prep & go. 

Grooming, Bathing With Lickimats: LickiMat is used worldwide by pet groomers, veterinarians and pet sitters. It helps keep dogs busy and distracted while grooming a dog or examining it. We recommend LickiMat UFO, which has seven suction cups for stable wall mounting. The is nothing worse than your pet's treat falling in the bath. 

Slow Feeding: LickiMat can also be used to promote slow feeding in your pet for both wet foods and dry foods. Dry food should naturally fall into the spaces in the Buddy™ and Playdate™; Moist food should be pressed down using a spoon or a spatula. A colossal dog breed will need more than 1 LickiMat The are large ranges available if you should want to use LickiMats as a feeder. 

Medical-Free: LickiMat promotes calming behaviours in your dog while alone or during stressful times like storms or fireworks when you are with them. Please do note that LickiMats are no substitute for medication for some dogs. 

Great Value: LickiMat is priced to be highly economical and environmentally friendly. It's durable and should provide you with years of service.

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  • LickiMatⓇ UFO Dog & Cat enrichment feeding bowl made from natural rubber
    The Lickimat UFO in orange perfect for sticking to the car window , hard floors or freezer doors also ideal in the bath for wash day
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