How Tilly's Natural Dog Treats can save you money

With the cost of everything going up these days we here to help our customers save money. With gas and electric going up and up it can be a very worrying time for all concerned. That’s why we wanted to do this news blog to help our customers and fans save money where possible when buying from us. 

our natural treats and chews offer so much more than been just a treat. The are so many health benefits such as rabbit ears are natural dewormers our fish products are high in omega 3 and are fantastic natural teeth cleaners. 

About our loyalty card: 

We introduced a Loyalty card scheme back in March 2022. So now all our loyal customers will be able to eaten paw points and get money off. We wanted to reward loyal customers for supporting us as it means so much when we see returning by customers time and time again. 

Subscribe & Save service: 

Our Subscribe & Save is very popular with regular customers. When you substitute to our boxes or product your save as the is an automatic discount applied to you subscription. Our subscriptions are 100% tie in free. I’m f you decide one month to up your box or down size it you can. It’s best to do this before your next box is sent out tho to avoid wasting products and saves any confusion.  You can choose every month every 6 months or every 12 if you wish. We have a range of treats for you to choose from and we add new ones all the time to the shop. 

Subscribe to our marketing emails:

Subscribe to our marketing emails for exclusive offers such as free delivery days and limited time offers. We work hard to make our marketing emails relevant to our business and our customers interests. We have all got sales emails and many delete them. We want to stay in touch with our customers As we can’t always see our customer face to face and speak to each one on an individual basis. 


Follow like and interact with us on social media:

Another way to save money is to share like follow us on social media for general info and limited time offers and flash sales. Again we work hard to understand our customer and their dogs so we often post on Instagram story’s to learn about you. We never share customer data or sell it on to third party’s as some larger businesses do. We use all our data to make our business better for your our customers. 


When you spend £25 or over:

When you spend £25 on product or more than £25 delivery is free.  We understand that once customers may have tried us out a few times. Saving money on bulk buying and delivery go hand in hand. Why spend £10 or more on delivery fees when you can get free delivery? 


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